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The number of employees (Full Time Equivalent) my business has:

Business Membership

(1-20 FTE Employees)


Business Membership

(21-100 FTE Employees)

Business Membership

(101-499 FTE Employees)

Employer Membership

(500+ FTE Employees)

1                     $300

2-5                  $325

6-10                $365

11-20              $400


21-40              $500

41-60              $600

61-80              $700

81-100            $800


101-200        $1000

201-400       $1500

401-500       $2000


501-1000    $3000

1001+         $5000


*We currently offer membership dues on a structure based on the number of Full-Time Equivalent Employees, or FTEs.  

For example, if you are a small business and work full time, with 2 additional part-time employees, your FTE count would roughly be “2”.  If you’re unsure, try this:  take the # of payroll hours in a week /40 hours.  For example, 367 payroll hours would be 9.175 employees, which we round to 9 FTEs. 

*Members can pay in full at the rates noted above or choose monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually with a card on file for recurring billing.  Fill out the short application below based on business size, and you'll be prompted at the end for how you would like to be billed.  A small processing fee is built into the increments; for more details, see Membership Terms and Conditions on the membership page. If you're a BRAND NEW BUSINESS or a NON-PROFIT, there are some additional benefits you may wish to take advantage of tied to payment. You can check the Membership page for more details or contact the office at 218-729-6843.

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